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Talent Development

Growing Internal Talent

One of our key strategic goals in Business Affairs is to: “Create an environment that attracts, retains and develops world class staff.”

We encourage various staff development opportunities, emphasizing the university's 3E Development approach: Exposure, Experience, and Education. A range of programs and opportunities that align with the Business Affairs Talent Development Initiative are presented throughout the year to all the departments within Business Affairs.

Below are links to some of the programs and resources available to Business Affairs employees.

Self-assessments will provide you with insights about yourself and areas for future development.

Much like a greenhouse, the Business Affairs Talent Development Participant (TDP) Program offers an environment condusive to exponential growth.

Our Business Affairs Rotational Program is a great way to gain experience and exposure within Business Affairs.

The Business Affairs Talent Management Toolkit contains resources and tips for managers to help develop staff. (Manager access w/SUNet)

Information from our Business Affairs Manager Learning Series can be found on the Business Affairs Talent Management Toolkit. (Manager access w/SUNet)

This university-wide program is designed to enhance the effectiveness of staff managers at all levels of experience and create a community of managers across the university.

Stanford offers a variety of staff development courses and connection opportunities, such as career development Meet-Ups and networking workshops.

Online tools and resources are available to you anytime, anywhere to support your career development.

Check out the tuition assistance and reimbursement programs for eligible staff and faculty.