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Policies & Procedures

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Operational Infrastructure

Important policies and procedures are in place to ensure guidelines of day-to-day operations for faculty, staff and students. They make up the fundamental infrastructure of our operations. For your convenience, we've highlighted critical and commonly requested information.

Administrative Policies

The Administrative Guide is Stanford's official manual for administrative policies. Contents include chapters on Organization, Personnel, Accounting, Gifts, Procurement, Computing and Services. For information about employment policies, visit chapters 2 and 12.  

Administrative Guide

Guiding Policies & Principles

The University's Guiding Policies & Principles can be found in chapter 1 of the Administrative Guide. Topics include the University Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest, Sexual Harassment , Protection of Minors, Privacy policies and more.

Guiding Policies & Principles


Review our a high-level overview of the hiring process to help you find the right talent while staying compliant. Consult your HR partner to confirm local practices within your department or workgroup as well.

BA overview

Leaves of Absence

Learn more about the different types of leave, benefits and income protection, and steps for going on leave.

Leave of Absence resources

Sick Time

Sick accruals, acceptable and unacceptable use of sick time, and administration of sick time are outlined in chapter 2.1.7 of the Administrative Guide.

Sick time accruals & usage


For instructions and training to complete timecards, visit Fingate, Stanford's Gateway to Financial Activities.

Fingate timecard instructions

University Policies

For your reference, there are University policies on subjects ranging from research, environmental health & safety, human resources, communications, and more. Individual departments may also have a set of standard, local practices, however, those do not override these university-wide policies.

University-wide Policy Documents


Vacation accruals, use of vacation, and a guide to supervisors are outlined in chapter 2.1.6 of the Administrative Guide.

Vacation accruals & usage

Workplace Injury

Injured at work? Review Risk Management's instructions for reporting the incident. Don't delay.

Workplace Injuries